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The little hole in the ceiling of the cave pour a golden beam of light into the dark world of the cave. Yin woke to see a plate with bread and cheese in front of her. A handsome young man sat across from her sitting on a rock.

"Good morning Ma'am. How are you?" He asked sweetly.

Rubbing the sleep out of her eyes, Yin took some of the cheese and bread and looked around. There was no monster, it was nowhere to be seen. The cave was void of anything that even looked like the monster.  Just the man smiling back at her.

"W-where is he? Where's the monster?" She mumbled, still in shock.

"Monster?  Why, there's only me in this cave right now.  The only monsters are the bugs and the bats. I have no idea how you got into this place by yourself."  Said the man.  He gave he a kind smile and asked, "Do you know what happened?"

Yin though it over a moment. Getting confused on whether it was all a dream or not.

"Um...well...I remember I was trapped in this cave by a monster and he...tortured me...Maybe I was dreaming?" She began to feel like it really was just a dream, monster wasn't real.  That she has just fallen into the cave and bumped her head.

"Hm...Sounds odd.  Well, there's no point in staying in this cave." He said. Getting up he asked ,"Why don't you come to my place and get cleaned up. Tomorrow I'll bring you into town. Sound good?"

Yin pondered a moment.  Without meaning to, she looked at his pants.  There was a blue slim blot on them.  It had been smeared, possibly to get it off.  Yin dismissed it as being important, guessing that he'd gotten it off one of the rocks.

She agreed to his terms.  He drove her to his house in the woods.  The kind man led Yin inside and sat her on a chair.  Yin glanced around the small room and relaxed a little.

"Allow me to clean your stomach for you. All that goo and blood must feel weird." He said.

While he search for something to clean her off with, Yin asked, "What's your name?"

"Zack." He answered, holding a wet rag in his hand.

Kneeling, Zack sat level with Yin belly button.  He gently started to clean her belly button and belly.

"My, what a mess. Were you playing with paint and knives in that cave?"

Yin tired to relax while he cleaned her off, still a bit shocked from the night before.  As Zack dug around to get all the blood and goo out, the his guest tried not to giggle as he cleaned inside her belly button.

"Um..I- I think so, or maybe it was....n-nevermind." She said, trying to forget about the monster.

"Well, you're all clean now.  Why don't I get you some dinner."  Said Zack as he walked into his kitchen.

Yin's mind wandered as Zack worked in his kitchen.  She was sure it was paranoia, but the way he cleaned her felt like the licking of the monster. And the blue paint stuff on his paints also reminded her of the monster. Though she wanted to escape and run, she didn't have evidence that he was what she thought he was.  Yin concluded that she was just paranoid because of what happened.

Zack set down a plate with a simple sandwich on it.  He smiled sheepishly and apologized for the simple meal since that was all he had in the fridge at the time.  Yin thanked him anyway and they ate.

After much chatting, Zack showed Yin to her room.  He then went to his and yelled to her, "Goodnight!"

"Goodnight." She says with a light voice, too exhausted to yell.  She tried to stay awake but the comfy mattress was so soft that she quickly fell asleep. She dreamt of being in a fancy town with herself as the princess.

Yin woke to the sound of Zack hacking in the room next door. It sounded as though he was coughing out his lungs.  Since her host sounded like he was in pain, Yin got up to investigate.  Outside his door, Yin asked, "Um...Are you okay? Hello?"

"Ya,hack, I'm just,hack,fine. Don't worry about me...." Zack said hoarsely. His body quivering each time he cough.

"You sure?" She said, not convinced.

"I'm...Gah!" The man yelled in pain.

Busting down the door, Yin found Zack hunch over on the floor.  She dashed over to his side and held his hand.  She could feel him sweating  profusely.

"Are you okay? What can I do to help?"

He snarled, then said,"Go away, you'll only put yourself in danger!"

Yin looked at Zack's hand just in time to see it change. His fingers grew long, slender, and black with sharp black nails at the end of each finger tip.  His skin went from a pale tan color to a shiny black.

Backing away from Zack, Yin watched in horror as he transformed into the monster from the night before.  A feeling of dread washed over her as she realized that her earlier accusation was right.  None of which mattered.  She was too scared to move.

"Just...hack, Go hide in your room.  Lock the door, don't let me in. Go now!" Zack yelled. He shuddered and a long, slender tail grew from the end of his tail bone.

The frightened woman hesitated a moment then ran to her room.  The door was locked and she put a dresser in front of it.  Yin dove under her bed and held her breath.  She closed her eyes tight as she listened to Zack's screams. The terrified girl  was barely able to calm down.  In the room next door she heard more agonizing screams.  Then they stopped.

A pair of footsteps echoed outside Yin's room and a strangely familiar voice called out from behind the door, "Hello, hello!  Please let me in, I do not sin."

"Please let me in..." Zack's voice asked from the other side of the door.

The thing behind the door made a coughing-gagging sound and Zack yelled, "Don't do it Yin!  Don't listen to me!  Stay in there!"

Tilting her head to one side, Yin looked at the door confused.  She had heard the monster's voice, Zack asking to come in, and Zack telling her to keep him out.  Out of fear, confusion, and not knowing what to do, she went to the door and leaned against it. Yin put her ear to the door and listened.

"If I let you come in...What will you do?" She questioned the voices.

"Just fun, just fun." The monster reply simply.

Zack interjected by saying," Get away from the door!  Don't let this parasite in!"

"Quiet you, I don't need to take this from you." Hissed the monster.

Backing away from the door a little ways, like her host had suggested, Yin asked the monster one more question.

"What kind of fun...?"

Before she could react, the door was busted open and the dresser was shoved aside to reveal the alien monster.

"Fun for me!" It giggled with blue goo oozing out of its mouth. "Time to play!"

The monster covered his face for a moment and shook its head, as if to rid itself of a headache.  It turned towards Yin and yelling in Zack's voice," Run!"

The young woman gasp and ran away from the beast, only for her to notice she had no means of escape.  Her eyes scanned the room as the monster fought with itself.  Yin saw that the window was open and she ran to it. She crawled out as fast as she could.  As soon as she hit the ground Yin was running.

The creature jumped out of the window after Yin.  It made a disgusting gurgling sound before spitting blue slime onto Yin's feet, sticking her to the ground.

"Trapped as a rat, so yummy and fat!" It giggled.

Stuck in her tracks, Yin panicked to find a way to get the goo off. She looked at her feet and remember she was only wearing socks. With two fast pulls, Yin had her feet out and continue to run. She spotted a thick tree and ducked behind it. Gasping to catch her breath and hoping she wouldn't be found.
I don't care about spelling mistake or grammer mistake or funny looking lay out. You can kiss my ass for all I care! --edit--(Waaoh, spacing is messed up X_X)

Alien belongs to Ridley Scott (who directed the movie)
Yin and the monster belong to me.

Poor Yin is in danger yet again. Will her troubles ever end? Tune in next time.

Next chapters:
Second: (here)
Sixth: (yet to come)
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