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Des's tongue poked inside the bellybutton of the girl he was torching.  She was doing her best not to break down and give him the info he was commanded to get out of her.  He was only just starting to torcher her and she wasn't about to give up now.   The woman belly quiver as Des poked deeper into her navel with his tongue.

The only reason she was in the underground torcher chamber  was because she  knew information about a group of people planning to assassinate the king.  Once it was found out that she knew all this, she was hauled away to the dark, underground, dimly lighted, torcher chamber. She had heard tale of it before. Men were burned with demon symbols and woman were torched in such a way they didn't even speak about it.  It was said that the man doing all this wasn't a man at all, but a creature the king  had found while conquering other kingdoms.

She was dragged into a room that  was  just a dim lighted at the rest of the underground tunnels. The wall straight across from the door had chains for arms and legs. On her right side in the rectangular room, was an area with different potions, tools, and other assorted strange things.  On the left side was  two beds. One that looked to be for sleeping on, and the other  was bed-shaped  but  was stone and had leather straps for holding down human limbs.

The silent criminal was dragged to the wall with the chains,chained up, and cranked into the air so that her feet dangled off the floor.  The two men quickly ran out of the room and locked the door.  "Maybe there really is a creature in here," thought the woman.

A tall, young looking man got out of the bed and stretched. He didn't look like a monster. In fact, he was quite handsome.  He had a  plane, grey, long sleeved shirt on, dark brown pants,and black hair. He yawned and looked at the  girl chained to his wall.  "My, looks like I've got a guest." Said the man. "I need to get you ready before I can do my job."

He calmly walk over to her and  looked her over. Tilting his head to one side as if it'd help him figure out what he needed to. He turned on his heels and walked over to the table filled with random tools.

"And what is your name?" He said, picking up a knife.

Her skin prickled at the idea of having a blade poking holes into her, she mumbled her name,"Snel..."

"What was that?" He asked, walking over to the door. He opened it and pulled a note off it. He read it silently.  Walking  back over towards Snel, he asked again. "What did you say your name was?"  
    "It's Snel." Snel said again.
    He looked at her with a wide smile. "Well then Snel, you have some information  the king needs to know. And as a citizen, you should give him any information that'll help keep everyone safe. You don't want people getting hurt, do you?"  
    Snel looked at him. He didn't look at all like a torcherer, he looked like a  young guy in the wrong place. Though he still had the knife in his hand, he didn't looks dangerous.
    "What's your name?" She asked, dodging his question.
    "My name? I am Des. Your torcherer. And since you don't want to cooperate, I'll have to do my job today." He said, approaching her.
    Des took his knife and took a step closer to Snel. She  let out accidental yelp.  Des smirked and Snel blushed. He grabbed a wad of Snel shirt and plunged his knife through it. The gray shirted man tears a hole in the woman's shirt and then proceed to make it big enough so that he navel was exposed. Snel blushed even more  and  tried to break herself free. This only interested Des more. Snel  belly button changed shape while she thrashed about. Grabbing his victim by the hips, Des pressed his face into her belly.   He  pressed a soft kiss onto her belly button.
    "What the...?" Snel said shocked.
    Des pressed another soft kiss on Snel navel, causing her to stay blushed. He looked at her with a smirk, knowing that this was causing  her to blush.
    "You ready to give up that information now?" He asked sweetly.
    "Not if this is what you call torcher." Retorted the woman.
    "Looks like my sweet talking isn't working. Time for me to start the torcher."
    Des stuffed his face back into the hole in Snel's shirt.  His tongue  slithered out of his mouth and poked Snel's belly button. She squeaked with shock and began moving around again. But Des held tight to her hips. There would be no getting away.
    All this moving around intrigued the young man more. He pressed his tongue deeper into Snel's navel. Wiggling his tongue around like a big fat worm.  Snel moaned without even meaning to. She'd never  felt something so strange  before.
    "Time for the tickling!" Des said, pulling his face  away from the woman's  navel.  He skipped happily over to his tray of many toys and tools. Setting down the knife, he picked up a thin, flexible, rod shaped, piece of metal.  Skipping back, he stopped in front of Snel and asked her,"You ready to talk now?"
    "No." She said and thought to herself, "If he keeps going on like this, I'll never leave."
    Shrugging his shoulders, Des stood in front of Snel's navel again. He stood there a moment, thinking of what to do. A devious smile spread across his face.   Des took the thin, metal rod and inserted it into the woman's navel. Going around in circles in her belly button.  
    "Oh,hahahaha! That tickles!" She giggled.
    Des stop a moment to let her catch her breath.  "If you thought that tickled, feel this!"
    The torcherer took the pointed end of the rod and rubbed the  pulse point in Snel's bellybutton. Sending her into fits of gasping laughter.  Des moved the thin rod up and down her pulse point, cause her to keep laughing with gasping breaths. Panting uncontrollability. Each time he passed over the spot a tingling sensation  pulsed  in her body. The king's torcherer kept it up for a while. Snel didn't know how much longer she could take of this before she passed out.
    "Pleaseeee hehehe Stooooop!" She begged before another wave of laughter.
    "Fine, I'll move on to my last fun thing to do before I start using the hot iron." Des said, wishing he could keep going forever.
    "This is my final offer. Tell me what I need to know, and I'll let you go. If not, then...You'll see."
    Snel though a moment, "Might as well see what he had in store for me next. Those last few things we're all that bad."  She looked at him and said, "Go ahead, I might as well see what you have in store."
    "I was hoping you'd say that." Des said with a grin.
    Once again, Des got really close to Snel's navel. She peered at him as he faced her stomach,"What is he going to do, kiss me again."  
    Opening his mouth slightly, Des let his inner tongue out. It was a dark green, a few centimeter thick and looked like a worm with a pointed head.  It came from  the pit of his  stomach, eager to get what it wanted. Des moved his face close and stretch his inner tongue so that it just poked Snel's belly button. The devious young man wanted to make sure she knew what was going to happen.  He swirled his inner tongue around and around Snel's unprotected innie belly button, he could see the fear in her eyes.  
    Just to freak Snel's out more, he slowly got his  inner tongue closer to the inside of her navel and closer to the crease in the middle.  Des  brushed the  pulse point in the middle on Snel's belly button. He felt the tremors that ran down her body. "This is going to be fun." He thought amused.
    Without warning, Des plunged the tongue into  the woman's navel and  into her.  Just the the right depth so he could get  the fluids he craved.  Something he was constantly hungry for. No matter how many belly buttons he  burrowed into, Des could only suppress the wantings for a little while before they returned.  Snel's  would be one of the many woman that he's fed upon.
    "Auhh!" Moaned Snel, both in pain and enjoyment. It was a sensation of all it's own. It wasn't unbearable or truly likeable either.  She tied arching her back but only encouraged Des more. Pushing a little deeper.  Snel wanted it to last for ever, but at the same time stop.  It was so tiring  to have his tongue inside her feeding, even though Snel was doing nothing but holding still and moaning. "I got to stop him before I pass out and only the gods know what he might do to me then. But that mean I'll have to..." thought Snel.
    "Stop!" She gasped. "You win, I'll talk!"
    Pulling out his inner tongue from Snel's navel, Des back up and looked at her with  the worm like tongue hanging out of his mouth.  He slurped it up like a noodle and smiled at the woman who had finally  admitted defeat.
    "You ready to talk now? " Asked Des.
    "Yes...They're hiding out in an old wine cellar on the outskirt of the closest village.  They're planning to attack when the king is making his morning stroll through the village."
    Des wrote it all down quickly. "Thank you  for that little  bit of information. You'll be moved to a cell and later set free."
    "Why aren't they putting me to death?" Questioned Snel,confused.

"Because the king is giving you a chance to redeem yourself. And beside, once your friends find out you betrayed them...They might be the ones putting you to death."

Snel gulped and realized what might befall her.     As she was lowered back to ground level and hauled out the door, she watched Des. He smiled kindly and waved good-bye. She marked the ninety-ninth woman he had fed off of as a torcherer.  Just an average day for Des.
My first story on this account! Finally! Didn't take me long to type this all up and edit it. Maybe about a week, not counting all the days I didn't look at it. Please tell me of any annoying mistakes, such as spelling, grammer or how it sounds. Just don't be a jerk about it.

Des is a torcherer from the mid-evil time. He feeds off of a weird fluid inside navels. He just targets woman more because they have way less hair on their body and he perfers women. That peice of metal he was using on Snel was like a paper clip, just an FYI.

Any questions on Des? He's going to be showing up a lot more soon,when ever I get the next chapter out. Not as much belly button drama in this story, should be more in the next one.
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arlinia7 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
The story sounds fine, but you spelled 'torchure' wrong. Otherwise, it was wonderful.
BellyButtonBug Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
ya...I do have that problem a lot. Thank you though :) 
beakboy Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2016
Wow that was a lucky man.
BellyButtonBug Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Indeed he is. 
Seargeant4 Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2013
Very well done :)
BellyButtonBug Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
GusSmee Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2012
I would've liked to imagine her suck her belly in to get away from that last torture thing.
BellyButtonBug Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
She didn't, but maybe the next girl will ;D
GusSmee Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2012
Oh, boy, I'd like to see that! :D
BellyButtonBug Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I'll have to remember to add that then :3
GusSmee Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2012
Yeah! :D
Seargeant4 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2012
very well done
xshadowxknightx16 Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2012
So many spelling errors... The Grammar... The horrible grammar... This is my nightmare (Not the story, the Grammar and Spelling)...
You do have potential though I'll give you that...
BellyButtonBug Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
yes, yes, grammer is not my friend, nor is spelling. Ptsh. This story is crap compared to all my other stories. I'm not that concerned on spelling or grammer. If I was, I'd have someone help em edit it.
bbtormentor Featured By Owner May 14, 2012
Pretty good story. You say first on "this account!" Do you have more on another? I was looking forward to the actual torturing part, but still pretty good!

Anyway, some spelling/grammar errors:

"Torture" rather than "torcher."

"Plain" rather than "plane." (his shirt)
BellyButtonBug Featured By Owner May 14, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
hmm...I'll fix that later...Yes, I have another account. None of it has art realted to this account.
bbtormentor Featured By Owner May 15, 2012
Ahh, I see. Well in any case, good work man!
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